"Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor."

— the greatest thing i have ever read (via seabelle)
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me: are there any spirits listening
ouija: yes are you alone
me: yes
ouija: haha nice whats up :P
me: trying to contact my dead grandmother
ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol
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face your d e m o n s
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"♠ ;v; pls"


Nonsexual acts of Intimacy 
 ♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc. 

   He can’t help but smile as the young medium runs around the room, handing him objects that are used in his daily routine. She got the hair-brush and spray, make-up, eyeliner and the gloves, standing on her toes to try and reach his level and with a light chuckle, Pagan Min thanked her and turned towards the mirror. Digits worked their magic and Kat watched, she never understood why he needed to do all of this but never questioned him, he seemed happy and that’s all she cared about, not to mention that she found it amusing to bring him things and see him with a proud smirk on his face. He looked at her and gave another smile once she stretched upwards and hugged his waist, "Can you fetch me that watch, my dear?", the king pointed towards the nightstand and she nodded before darting off to grab the device, running back and almost bumping into him.

   "Thank you.", the older one was going to grip it but she tugged it away, waving the watch in her hand and saying that she wanted to put it on his wrist. "Alright.", except he would move his arm upwards so she couldn’t reach him, chuckling as she pouted and called him a ‘meanie’ before pulling the bench closer to step ontop of it, "That’s cheating.", he stuck his tongue out and she did the same, fingertips rolling up his left sleeve so she could wrap the watch around his wrist taking a few times to try and click the two pieces together for it to actually connect. Pagan Min quickly grabbed her and hooked an arm underneath her to keep her in place, moving away from the furniture to walk towards the door, "What do you want for breakfast, princess?", she hugged his neck and answered him with an excited voice, the two seemed to be on a very good mood this morning.

   "Oh, what did you say? Couldn’t quite hear that…"
   “Pancakes! Alright, we can have pancakes for breakfast.”

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Dante and Kat talk about her past. 

Extracted Audio File from DmC: Devil May Cry.

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Kat just wants to reload the booty but the booty won’t cooperate

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He has experience in shutting people away from him,
it’s as simple as wearing a fake smile and avoiding contact
as often as possible. The rest comes with ease, people think
you are shy, can’t be talkative that much and they don’t like to
put others through uncomfortable situations so they keep quiet.
Pagan Min is focused on the floor, it seems to be the only thing
that isn’t judging him right now—poisonous thoughts in his mind,
he finds it difficult to believe her words, why would she want to
help, maybe there isn’t anything she can help with him.

   “I can’t—”

And he was being honest, he would be physically incapable of
putting his eyes on her because the dictator knew what would
happen if he did exactly that. The burning sensation at the back
of his eyes would start, his mouth would twitch and he wouldn’t
control his teeth, he would bite down on the flesh of his lower lip
and it would draw blood, then it would drip down his chin and taint
the blouse and then he would be angry. He just can’t look at her, he
would try but—it is easier to watch the tip of his shoes instead.

   "You can’t help me.”

      “Maybe. Maybe not.”

no—— she’s not about to watch as he retreats
so easily from the situation. only successful
transitions and progression will benefit him;
her niche is established and expanded with
what she’s present with him for, and how he
should use that to his advantage. closure is
what he needs— and she’ll hold his hand to
give him guidance.

        “I can listen, though. That, I’m certain of.”

concern eats at her, governing her actions, the
gestures of subtle affection and reaffirming of
her presence. the raw touch of her hands is
desensitized in the contact of the leather
concealing his own.

         “It doesn’t need to be all at once.
         It can be in pieces… this time is yours.”

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   "You don’t have to be scared of me…"

( he moves closer and sits down in front of her, eyes scan
the hair-brush and the dictator tries to show a less stern
posture in the way he acts, shoulders slumped and his
head canted to the side to show slight curiosity. it would
be a lie if Pagan didn’t find slight sadness in seeing that
she believes that he would cause her any harm but given
the young girl’s background, there’s a need to understand
where she’s coming from and how the attitude he often
holds can make her uncomfortable. )

   “No, I’m better now, honey.”

 ( the dictator shakes his head at her question, he doesn’t
enjoy having her know that he is in a less than great mood
and then having her try to deal with his moods, that’s not
her issue and the man would rather be left alone but since
he’s calmer now, Min feels like he can be around her without
doing something he might regret later on. a hand moves closer
and he grips the child’s chin, in a gentle manner but giving her
a small command, pushing her head upwards so she can take
a look at him and once their eyes meet, he offers a smile. )

   “Alright, you can brush my hair.
   I’m not mad at you, alright?
   You don’t need so nervous…”


( uncertainty still embarks on it’s last few laps
through her system before she begins to see
calmness in his depths. a pout pulls her lips
outward as she looks up to him, but once she
recognizes that demeanor of sincere delicacy,
she relaxes. )

      “May I have the brush back, now?”

( height elevates and descends as she moves
from the tips of her toes to the soles of her
shoes in impatience. fingers retreat, clasped
behind her as she eyes the bristles standing
upright from the body of the brush. ).

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                    ” is this alright with you? “

      it’s imperative that she displays the blanket options
      for convenience rather than leaving him to rummage.
      —— this was her apartment, and he was her guest,
      so of course, she’ll provide utmost hospitality and
      attentiveness to his needs. the options are plentiful
      in a variety of color, material, thickness, and length.

                    ” the forecast says we’re in for
                    a cold night, so, you’re welcome
                    to take more than one. “

      left with an indecisive response, she chooses few of
      the ones she favors for him, and the leftovers for her-
      self. not long after does she find herself in a burrito
      of a blanket, holding back some giggles as she looks
      to her temporary roommate in his state of comfort.

                    ” there’s more where those came
                    from, by the way, so— “

      considering her lack of body fat, insulation of warmth
      was a definite problem. thankfully, she had just enough
      layers of fluff and knitted embraces to compensate.

                    ” stay warm. it’s fine if you kick in
                    your sleep— so long as you’re
                    comfortable, del. goodnight. “

      lights leave the room to welcome the dark, and the last
      thing she hears before she pursues sleep is the rustling
      of him turning on his side— and only until she hears him
      release a satisfied sigh, does she allow herself to submit.

      the front she puts is one of pure selflessness and other
      traits alike— but truly, she is relieved and filled from the
      crown to toe in the fact that she’s not alone, for once.
      that now, somebody actually occupies the space beside
      her. in that sense, she’s like a child, eager and excited
      to have a friend over, and of course, unprepared to face
      the loneliness once they depart.

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