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7 Deadly Sin Headcanons

Lust: a headcanon about your character's romantic and/or sexual life
Greed: a headcanon about something your character hordes or collects
Sloth: a headcanon about something your character hates to do or simply hates in general
Pride: a headcanon about something your character is a bit cocky about
Gluttony: a headcanon about food or obsessions
Wrath: a headcanon about your character and their anger management
Envy: a headcanon about your character's secret desires and jealousies

when someone tryna force ship w/ ur muse and it’s likeimage




Old Dentist Chair Syringe — Sinn3er

Anonymous asked: (I feel stupid. Maybe I missed something in the game? But why is Kat afraid of hospitals, doctors, etc?)

it’s my headcanon.

But in-game, if you listen to the conversation between her and Dante as they make their way into the Virility factory, Kat mentions how she was kept under drugs just to be kept weak and docile. It left me to conclude that she didn’t like medicine, nor the neglect and dismissive treatment.

Also, from what I assume, I think that many authoritative figures and high-end job roles are occupied by demons only. It’s all a matter of keeping everything under the demonic control. Kat doesn’t like demons— she doesn’t like doctors, who are demons. She doesn’t trust herself in their care, because she knows what they’ll do— nothing, only make it worse. It brings back bad memories and she chooses to avoid them best she can.



   "Is this game about romance—" he pressed the Start button and took
   a look at the screen, seeing a rather bright menu with a boy with very spiky
   hair holding a giant key. "A game about a young locksmith that falls in
with a princess.”, the dictator chuckled lightly and chose ‘New Game’,
   this shouldn’t be too difficult—not that he cared about the video-game, he just
   wanted to spend some time with the medium after not having her around for
   such a long time. "Alright, dear—which difficulty should we pick?",
   probably half-term so this could even be playable without giving him an
   aneurism or something.

      "Depends. If you want to focus on the story,
       choose easy. If not, go for normal or hard.”

      A shrug and a smile was granted whilst she
      shifted her position, comfortably settling lax
      against the cushioning. She loved moments
      where he wasn’t so tense— every now and
      then she got him to pull away. Breath was
      husked outward as she waited for him to
      proceed, and fingers drummed rhythmically
      along her thigh.

      “There’s some Disney characters in this game,
      I think. Princesses, Mickey, Minnie, others—
      last I checked, anyway.”

imitation is not & will never be cute. (◡‿◡✿)