kxrat said:  ❝He smiles once she embraces him, there's a bit of teeth shown at the peck on his cheek—the dictator hums softly and turns his head to take a better look at her. Lips fall into a small pout, Pagan Min never really realized how much she enjoyed his presence until she voiced it, he had missed her too, Kat was the only thing decent about his day. "The elephants?", he pauses and cocks his head to the side, "Don't see why not, sure—let's go see the elephants, my princess."❞

the once hopeful expression transitions
quickly into an eager one— evident in
the deepening curvature of her lips,
enough to thrive into a cheesy grin.
she pulls away to share her happiness
face to face.

"Okay! Let me get my sunhat first."

kxrat said:  ❝Picks up his princess and presses a gentle kiss on her cheek.❞

( scrawny arms instantaneously wrap
around his neck in passionate embrace,
accompanied by the warmth of her
returned kiss, planted on the apple of
his cheek. )

"Papa! I missed you. You’re always busy."

( the soldiers have, admittedly, failed to
keep her occupied for the duration of
pagan’s absence— but this would be
the only time she complains. )

"I finished all my work. Can we see the
elephants today? Please?”

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have i posted this?!! (x)

here, but not really down to roleplay at the moment. i’m on skype though.


remember when i cared about my outfits everyday for school

yeah now i just don’t give a shit