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"“I needed the money, what else could I do.”"


        “You could’ve come to me.”

and for a moment she was certain she
made her role in his life very clear. sure,
money was just as scarce for her as it
was for him— but working together
would have distributed the abundance
between the two of them. it’s not like
she would mind it either.

now she’s looking at the civilian, left on
the ground unconscious and subdued
in smoke. the damage had already been
done. all that’s left is for her to take action.
and she does.

        “I’m not just somebody you
        can talk to, Del. I’m your friend,
        too. This means that if you’re
        in trouble, you’re allowed to
        come and find me. Okay?”

palms grasp at his wrists abruptly before
she begins guiding him in the direction of
her apartment.

        “You’re stuck in a rut, and you
        need to change. Until then, my
        home is your home, too.”

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   "I didn’t think things through—"

( his mother would be disappointed in him and if she
was capable of hearing her, Kat would probably feel
the same way. Pagan shook his head and brought his
hands upwards in a defensive manner, he didn’t want
to do this—he could handle a lot of things but knowing
that the one person he adored more than life thought
he was a cruel and disgusting man—he couldn’t do it. )

   “You wouldn’t charge your own fath—well,
   you wouldn’t charge me, of course not.”

      "There’s always tarot cards, as
      well as the palm readings.”

( of course, she’s not going to force it on
him. though, the other options continued
to remain open for him to accept. and she
still wouldn’t beseech payment from him.
it’s only fair, considering all he’s done for
her— all she could do is return the favor
as best she could, and just as generously. )

      "Again, free of charge."

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please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you

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   "I see—"

( at least her services were decent but he would never be
proud of himself if the medium needed to work so hard to pay
her bills, he would have easily helped her out if needed. Pagan
wanted to respect her privacy and allow Kat to be independent
but the dictator was worried that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy
certain things simply because she didn’t have the money to afford
them. he crossed his arms and nodded, guess the thought of asking
her to summon his deceased mother was out of the question. )

   “Oh—I was curious, that is all.”

      “You sure? I have some energy left,
      if you want to test it out.”

( the amount is not abundant, but sufficient
for her to keep the session lasting for some
minutes. she doesn’t mind. from her point
of view, it’s an opportunity to practice. so
she’s willing. absolutely. )

       “Free of charge, too. I promise.”

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     ❂ “It’s…not the worse I’ve smelled.”

      “Then what was the worst?”

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   "Can you communicate with the deceased?"

( fancy way of asking if the medium can talk to the dead
because he had something in his mind for so long now.
would it be possible for him to speak to his mother—or
perhaps he shouldn’t leave her be and not cause issue. )

   “You never really explained to me what is it
   that you do in New York, my darling.”

      "It’s… not like I can do it often, though."

( reading tarot cards, palms, and reaching
beyond the physical realm was necessary
to pay the bills. just barely, sure, but she
never complained. she was lucky enough
that people even bothered to find interest
in her services. unfortunately, her limited
amount of energy left her capable of only
performing it every few days or so. )

      "That’s an area of skill I haven’t bothered
      to develop as much as the others. I do try
      but… I can only do so much. Why do you

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jerk with a heart of gold a person you would expect to be a big jerkass has some redeeming qualities behind their tough demeanor. Occasionally, they’ll actively try to make it a hidden heart of gold.

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"“They pissed me off, I made sure they won’t be walking for a while, no biggie.”"


               "that’s… extreme."

            sure— she’s been around dante
            long enough to grow accustomed
            to violence.

            those were demons, though. there
            was a huge lack of empathy on her
            part, that’s for sure. they’ve done
            her wrong, she sees it necessary
            that they’re eliminated no matter
            the method or level of violence is

            but now she’s looking at the body
            slumped in the alleyway, few groans
            exuding from the bloody crevice
            between their lips. there’s no denying
            the light contemplation in collecting
            a few drops for experimental purposes.

                   “I have 911 on speed dial— but
                   I’ll ring ‘em up after I collect some

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Crime themed starter sentences



Includes drug and violence tw, a mix of which muse is the criminal, if not both.

  • “Your mother would be ashamed of you.”
  • “C’mon, the cops are stupid, they’ll never catch us.”
  • “The car’s a piece of junk anyway, they’re not gonna miss it.”
  • “Carry on the way you’re going and you’re gonna end up in prison.”
  • “I’m not that much of a scumbag, I don’t steal from old ladies.”
  • “One last score, then we’re out of the game, what do you say?”
  • “I’m only doing this because I need to pay my dealer.”
  • “Prison? Occupational hazard.”
  • “They pissed me off, I made sure they won’t be walking for a while, no biggie.”
  • “So you’re a drug runner or a drug dealer?”
  • “Prison ain’t too bad, you’ve got a bed and they feed you.”
  • “I get all tingly when you break into cars like that.”
  • “I do it for the thrill – and to fund my drug habit.”
  • “Did you kill him/her?”
  • “I never meant to hurt anyone!”
  • “I needed the money, what else could I do.”
  • “We grew up around criminals, of course we became them.”
  • “What kind of example are you setting for your kids?”
  • “I grew up, you probably should too.”
  • “He had it coming.”
  • “I just gave him his final warning.”
  • “I’m calling the cops!”
  • “I’m passionate about two things, bank robbery and you.”
  • “I’m a street rat, but I’m good at it.”
  • “Dealing in an alley, classy as ever.”
  • “If you don’t have my money, you know I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”
  • “Bonny and Clyde made this look so much more glamorous.”
  • “One day we’ll be rich and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “That’s not your wallet is it?”
  • “So I got in a fight, they owed me money.”
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